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Additional Resources

Free resources that may support your spiritual journey.




Pathwork Lectures 

 All 258 Pathwork lectures may be downloaded in pdf format from


 There are also links to communities and Helpers in your area


There is also a resources tab that offers

Free Resources (includes this website and my YouTube videos)


Become a Pathwork Foundation member!

$30 annual contribution.

Access Member Resources:

all the edited lectures, Q&As, additional materials,

 worksheets from the Pathwork Teachers Helper Database.

Recently we added 127 session tapes between Eva Pierrakos

and Jose Ascencio recorded during 1960-1965. 


Free Weekly Lecture Quotes

          For several years, I have had the privilege of receiving weekly Pathwork quotes from a Pathworker in Holland.  Saskia Hontele offers this service in Dutch on her website, http:// aquariusmens.nl/  Here is a link to the English version of the website:


          She also serves several hundred English speakers via weekly emails. You may sign up for these weekly gems by emailing Saskia directly at s.hontele@freeler.nl. She would be delighted to support your interest, and only 1 brief email per week will be sent. 




Listen to the Lectures


Gary Volbracht created audio versions of all 258 Pathwork Lectures. They are available on iTumes at no charge.

You just have to download them one at a time!

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pathwork-lectures-by-eva- pierrakos/id819545226?mt=2




Quick Online Lecture Word Search!


In Google search: copy and paste the following sentence into the search box:

"  " site:pathwork.org/lectures 

and fill in the space between the quotes with the word or phrase you are looking for.

This will bring up examples from the lectures containing your word or phrase; click to reveal the full lecture in pdf format from www.pathwork.org


 Try  "  " site:janrigsby.com with just a lecture number to search all the study guides on this site that reference a particular lecture.