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Film Suggestions

Some films seem to be universally accepted for their vision, integrity, and message.  Groundhog Day (1993), Defending Your Life (1991) and the original Matrix (2000) each illustrate profound abstract truths while entertaining us. I use blockbusters, independents, science fiction, television episodes, documentaries, and shorts to help me visualize abstract concepts and to practice recognizing them. I prescribe them for the same purposes. The images help me communicate when the other person's personal experiences are much different from my own.

For those who have seen 'The Karate Kid', the phrase 'wax on, wax off' instantly communicates profound truths around learning one step at a time. 

As I create lists of films for workshops and teleconferences, I will post them here. Some films will be duplicated, because one concept invariably applies to and illustrates another. Many include YouTube links, for one particular scene or, if available, the entire movie.  Often a particular concept is best illustrated through one or two scenes -- or even a well-done trailer. Treat these suggestions like puzzles or mazes; a particular film may relate to a concept only from my perspective. How do you visualize spiritual principles?

Unity and Duality PL 143 Movie Suggestions

Incarnatory Processes & Life Tasks PL216 Movie Suggestions

Study Materials for PL 216

Pathwork Teaching Film Suggestions May 2013

Cosmology of the Path: PL 18-22 are known as the 'creation' lectures. This summary was complied by Monica Rice Wendling and is catalogued as PC08 or Pathworker's contribution #8.

Cosmology of the Path PC08:

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