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Pathwork Lectures 150-199

Videos of recorded 2008-2010 teleconferences are available in their full length. Search www.youtube.com on Rigsby or Pathwork or click on links below.
I invite you to explore these materials as starting points for your own journey, rather than as answers. Talk back, argue, and debate them; voice your insights, your experience. The teleconferences are like snapshots, one person's way of expressing how concepts might manifest. The deeper purpose of the materials is to support growth, consciousness, and pleasure (PL 119). 

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PL 152 The Connection Between Ego and  Universal Power  The meaningfulness and fulfillment of one's life depend, in the last analysis, entirely on the relationship between man's ego and the universal life principle ‐‐ the real self, as we also call it. If this relationship is balanced, everything falls into place. All these lectures deal with this topic in one way or another, and I always try to discuss it in different ways. This is necessary in order to finally experience the truth of these words. 

2016 Study Guide: The Connection Between Ego and Universal Power PL 152


PL 153 The Self-Regulating Nature of Involuntaray Processes

     Man's battle is in the holding on to his ego faculties.  This is because he desperately fears the involuntary processes.  He fears everything about it, either consciously or unconsciously or both.  Study guide explores 4 sub-topics of the lecture: Overexertion of ego creates unbalance, The role of Images in unhappiness, Involuntary Processes that you already trust, and Fear of success / Fear of the Abyss.

 January 2018 Newseltter

YouTube Video Summary 19 mins  

2017 Study Guide: The Self-Regulating Nature of Involuntary Processes PL 153

PL 155 Fear of Self: Giving and Receiving  Fear of Self prohibits spontaneity, constricts natural soul movements, and prevents the Real Self (your divine essence) from manifesting. It also prohibits pleasure, which might cause you to relax your guardedness. Both giving and receiving become compromised, as you cannot open your heart to others.
"Every kind of fear amounts, in the last analysis, to fear of self.  For if there is no fear of your own innermost self, you could not possibly fear anything in life.  Therefore you could not fear death either.  Fear of self is the key. In order to realize that which you truly are, the fundamental prerequisite is fearlessness." PL 155 
November 2017 Newsletter

Study Guide: Fear of Self; Giving and Receiving PL 155

PL 160 Conciliation of Inner Split   This is a powerful lecture about cultivatingthe  emotional maturity that needed in order to support accelerated spiritual development. Study materials include an example of a vicious circle (described in pgl 159) that develops when we try too hard to resolve dualities. "A very deliberate and yet relaxed attempt must be made to feel the underlying causes of the outer results in your life. " Our human lives reflect our spiritual reality -- how can we see the connection between the two? Explore how the tension between our positive intent and fear, which tries to hide or distort spiritual reality. 

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 35 mins

Conciliation of Inner Split PDF

Conciliation of Inner Split Pt 1 Audio

Conciliation of Inner Split Pt 2 Audio

PL 168 Two Ways of Living; Away from and Towards Center  The direction toward the center is an infinite process. There is no stopping, no end result, no goal. It is forever new, increasing with expanded vistas and possibilities of blissful ways of being and of selfexpression. Fearlessness results when the individual knows that all good can be had and need never end as long as it is chosen. The other direction, away from the center, is finite. 

Two Basic Ways of Life PL168 Study Guide

Minutes from April meetings PL168

PL 171 & PC10: Spiritual Law   Spiritual Law, like forces of nature (such as gravity), is impersonal, constant, and perfect - concepts that we may not be used to. We experience authority and justice through the lens of Human Law, which is seldom free of agenda, ideology, and distortion. This can encourage attitudes of rebellion and resentment, along with a fear of being judged. While we can also become invested in creating change, this positive intention can disguise (and encourage) resistance to authority.

2013 Updated Study Guide: Injustice & Spiritual Law

Spiritual Law Study Guide 2009

Spiritual Laws Pt 1 Audio

Spiritual Laws Pt 2 Audio


PL 176 The Overcoming of Negativity  Negative creation is an ongoing process in every human being. For, if you were free from negative creation, if you were not negatively involved with creation, you would not be human; you would not live on this plane of consciousness, which expresses a certain degree of development.

Man is, in general, to some degree quite free so that he creates constructively to quite an extent. But to varying degrees, negative creation is still ongoing in his psyche. This means that it is man's task on this sphere to struggle out of it and to free himself further and further from the ensnarlment of negativity. 

2016 Study Guide: The Overcoming of Negativity PL 176

PL 180 The Spiritual Meaning of Relationship   "Relationship represents the greatest challenge for the individual, for it is only in relationship to others that unresolved problems still existing within the individual psyche are affected and activated."  The intensity and pleasure of Relationship is directly proportional to our wliingness to learn what it has to teach us.

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 4 mins

Spiritual Significance of Relationship PDF

Spiritual Significance of Relationship Pt 1 Audio

Spiritual Significance of Relationship Pt 2 Audio

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 15 mins

The Spiritual Meaning of Human Relationship PL 180


PL 182 The Process of Meditation Also known as 'Meditation for Three Voices/Chairs' Referencing Child, Adult Ego and Soul Self, Chapter 4 of The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga. Encouraging greater consciousness around different aspects of ourselves can be likened to the process of Voice Dialogue©. It is often taught using three chairs or seating positions, and the process can be expanded to include many other combinations, such as Higher Self, Lower Self and Mask (Pgl 14) or Reason, Will and Emotion (Pgl 43).

2009 Teleconference audio only:




Meditation for Three Voices PDF

Download Meditation Audio Files

2009 Study Guide PL 182 Meditation

2013 Study Guide PL 182 The Process of Meditation

Minutes from July 2013 meetings PL182


PL 183 The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis Crisis is an attempt of nature, of the natural, cosmic lawfulness of the universe, to effect change. If change is obstructed by that part of the consciousness that directs the will, crisis must be the result in order to make structural change possible.

YouTube presentation 31 mins 

2017 The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis PL 183 Study Guide - Part 1


PL 189  Identification with Self   The spiritual consciousness cannot manifest when the already existing consciousness is not fully put to use in the conduct of one's life.

2015 Identification With Self PRS 24 PL 189 Study Guide


PL 192 Real and False Needs  What is real at one period of an entity's life may be utterly false and unreal at a later period. What is a real need for a child is not at all a real need for an adult. Now, when the growing entity denies the pain of the unfulfilled real need, what happens is not at all that this need disappears. On the contrary, the denial of its pain perpetuates it and projects it in time and onto other people so that it becomes a false need.


2014 Study Guide: Repressed Needs PRS23 PL 192 Real and False Needs

PL 196 Commitment; Cause and Effect   “When you can truly see cause and effect relationships in your life, not only will you be motivated to want to give up negative attitudes and intentions and to institute positive intentionality, you will also gain awareness and emotional and spiritual maturity.  "Maturity is to a great extent the ability to put cause and effect together.  The ability to put cause and effect together also indicates the degree of awareness an entity has reached through his development.”  Pgl 196 Pathwork reaches beyond psychotherapy, ‘common sense’, and logic.  It asks us to consider looking for (and then recognizing) patterns which may indicate a deeper connection between our intentions and what happens in our lives than we have been aware of.  When we ignore or misrepresent the connection between cause and effect, we disempower ourselves.  Consequences appear random and inexplicable, encouraging despair and self-doubt.

Commitment: Cause and Effect PDF

Download Commitment audio files

2016 Study Guide: Commitment -- Cause and Effect PL 196

PL 197 Energy and Consciousness in Distortion: Evil.  Energy can be an impersonal force that does not seem to be, or contain, or be an expression of, consciousness.   The separated, dualistic human state creates the illusion that energy and consciousness are two different manifestations.  The same split in perception exists about life and self; God and man; cause and effect ‑‑ and many other concepts or phenomena of life.  Both are one. Since thought is movement and energy, it is impossible to separate consciousness from energy in their essence, although in their manifestation there might be an apparent disconnection.
-- 2018 April Newsletter
-- YouTube Summary 27 mins 
Additional materials: Life as a Card Game 

2018 Study Guide: Energy and Consciousness in Distortion: Evil PL 197


PL 198 Transition to Positive Intentionality  "I cannot help feel this way or that" is, as you know, the expression of a negative intent. A fundamental reason for the difficulty in changing negative to positive intentionality is that secretly the self identifies almost totally with the destructive part. Hence giving up this part of the personality appears hazardous, dangerous, and annihilating. 

2017 Study Guide: Transition to Positive Intentionality PL 198


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