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Pathwork Lectures 200-258

As of January 2013, videotaped teleconferences are available in their full length. Search www.youtube.com on Rigsby or Pathwork or click on links below.
I invite you to explore these materials as starting points for your own journey, rather than as answers. Talk back, argue, and debate them; voice your insights, your experience. The teleconferences are like snapshots, one person's way of expressing how concepts might manifest. The deeper purpose of the materials is to support growth, consciousness, and pleasure (PL 119). 

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PL 201 Demagnetizing Negative Force Fields. "Every conceivable attitude or concept about life creates an electro-magnetic force field... The force filed of a specific attitude to life is also ruled by the laws of attraction -- like attracting like." pgl 201. Discussion of natural law following spiritual law, and how when cause and effect are separated, confusion results - disabling our ability to understand where our responsibilities might be. Video segments are available on YouTube; Paradigms, the Observer Self, and how Context changes perception. 

Full length Video on YouTube: 1 hr 58 mins.


Demagnetizing Magnetic Force Fields PDF

Demagnetizing Audio Download Pt 1

Demagnetizing Aidio Download Pt 2

2017 Study Guide: Aspects of the Divine Spark PL 203

PL 204 What is the Path? Giving Up Illusions   “This is basically the Pathwork.  Unless you give up these illusions and take stock of whatever is in you, you must remain alienated from your own spiritual essence” The actual title of this lecture is What is the Path, and the answers it suggests can seem deceptively easy to understand.  Yet the day to day work of giving up illusions is the hardest work we do.

What is the Path? Giving Up Illusions PDF

What is the Path? Illusions Pt 1 Audio

What is the Path? Illusions Pt 2 Audio

PL 207 The Spiritual Significance of Sexuality   "The sexual force is an expression of consciousness reaching for fusion. " yet in addition "The movement toward fusion on the emotional level must be expressed in feeling- exchange if the fusion is to take place. ... Mental fusion exists obviously on the level of the thinking mind. ... Spiritual fusion is always a natural result of the fusion on the physical, emotional, and mental levels." “For most human beings it is still inconceivable to combine sexuality with spirituality. This concept is bound to change soon. Satisfying relationships with others are therefore always also a mirror of the degree of inner unification for the individual. If you cannot find union with others, you are in disunity within yourself.”

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 18 mins

Spiritual Significance of Sexuality PDF

Spiritual Significance of Sexuality Audio

Download Sexuality Audio Files


PL 212 Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness 

2015 November Study Guide - Claiming The Total Capacity For Greatness PL 212

2017 Study Guide: Dynamics of Movement and the Nature of Resistance PL 241


PL 216 Connection Between the Incarnatory Process and the Life Taks 

2016 Study Guide: Connection Between the Incarnatory Process and the Life Task PL 216

Part 1 of 2011 Audio file of Presentation on PL 216 51 mins

Part 2 of 2011 Audio file of Presentation on PL 216 58 mins


PL 221 Faith and Doubt

2015 October Study Guide - Faith and Doubt PL 221


PL 233 The Power of the Word  Our words repsent the energy of our consciousness. Words can 'go out of date' if we use expressions that no longer represent our new understandings. Words can represent a misunderstanding, in that we may be using the word we want to embody instead of the word that describes our current reality (such as expressing a desure to 'find our soul mate' while we are actually afraid of intimacy). We may also be unaware of the power that unspoken words have over our feelings and opinions, such as negative self-criticism that can sabotage our efforts to create positive experiences.

"The word is expression and creation.  It is plan, knowledge, opinion, consciousness.  The word is feeling, attitude, and intentionality. The word carries immense energy powers of its own kind, differing from other energies.  The word is what is behind all creation.  Creation cannot exist without a word spoken, known, held, believed in, and committed to in the area of that specific creation.  The word is a conglomerate of all of these and more." PL 233

2017 October Newsletter: The Power of the Word 

YouTube Video Presentation 31 mins 


2017 October Study Guide: The Power of the Word PL 233


PL 236 The Superstition of Pessimism 

2017 Study Guide: The Superstition of Pessimism PL 236


PL 240 Some Aspects of Love 

2015 July Study Guide: Some Aspects of Love PRS 16 PL 240


PL 241 The Dynamics of Resistance

YouTube Presentation 40 mins

2017 May Study Guide: The Dynamics of Resistance PL 241

PL 248 The Three Principles of Evil   A continuation of triad concepts based upon Personality Types (pgl 43). The qualities of Reason, Will and Emotion are explored in both their smallest and greatest distortions of Materialism, Separation and Half-Truths. The concept of materialism can be hard to grasp, it is sometimes easier to see it in terms of a Reason type needing to see some form of manifested evidence - proof of some kind. It's useful to practice our understanding of concepts by noticing them in film, story, and current events.

Principles of Evil PDF

Principles of Evil Pt 1 Audio Download

Principles of Evil Pt 2 Audio Download

Injustice & Spiritual Law PL249&171 - New 2013 Study Guide

PL 249 The Pain of Injustice.  This type of pain contains more than could be put in this word.  It is not just actual injustice happening to you here and now, a specific issue. It is a fear that the universe can allow destruction to exist without safety valves.  It is the fear that nothing has rhyme or reason, that good being done has no effect on the outcome of cosmic history and evolution.

Pain of Injustice PDF

Injustice Audio Download Pt 1

Injustice Audio Download Pt 2




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